Private Tour Phillip Island Penguins

Private Penguin Tour

Private Tour Phillip Island Penguins

Epicurean Day Tours have been operating the Private, Penguins, Food and Wine Tour for just over a year and we still marvel at the cuteness of the “little penguin”  The Phillip Island Nature Park is the only place in the world where you can see the Little Penguins in their natural environment.

Private Penguin Tour

Feed the Kangaroos on the Private Phillip Island Tour

The famous Phillip Island Penguin Parade is 90 minutes out of Melbourne,Victoria. You may be wondering why this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Victoria. Also what is it about these penguins that makes them and the experience so unique. Phillip Island Nature Park established in 1996 is a conservation Park with several locations around the Phillip Island region. The nature park is owned by the Victoria Government and is a self funded commercial attraction.

It is also the only place in the world where you can see the Little Penguins in their natural environment. And they are little…the smallest of all the penguins. Weighing around 1 kg with a height of approximately 23cm they are the smallest of all the penguin species. They are also the only penguin species with blue and white feathers instead of black and white feathers. The colour blue offers a  camouflage from predators as the dark blue black blends in with the water. The Little Penguin only moves around on land at sunset when their predators are sleeping. Phillip Island is home for around 32,000 breeding adults.

The Little penguins return to their nesting burrows at the Phillip Island Nature Park to breed, raise chicks, moult and to take a break after days spent at sea. They spend 80% of their life at sea. The Private Penguins, Food and Wine Tour offers Penguins Plus seating so you have a vantage point to see these beautiful penguins rolling and tumbling from the waves and waddling up to their burrows for a well earned rest.

parivate Penguin Food and Wine Tour

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To join us in meeting the Little Penguin in your premium seating that includes a ranger presentation to hear more contact us to book. You will also enjoy a visit to a local winery in the region, meet Australian wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas and dingoes at Moonlit Sanctuary as well as a 2 course dinner with a glass of wine.

We tour daily as a private tour with a pick up time (depending on the season) at between 1.30-230pm with a 10pm-midnight return to the Melbourne City Centre






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