Family Greek Cooking Class

Family Greek Cooking Class

Family Cooking Class

Greek food is about sharing food and passing down recipes taught from grandmothers and mothers to ensure recipes are always held in families and not forgotten. Greek cuisine is warmly embraced in the Australian dining scene from street food to high end dining.

It also follows deeply seeded traditions of welcoming people to each other’s home to share the love of Greek food.

Family Greek Cooking Class

Greek Cooking Classes embrace this tradition with authentic recipes and nourishing simplicity with the experience of cooking and sharing food. This private cooking class welcomes you to the professional cooking space and home of Hellenic Odyssey, with Greek home cook and founder Kelly Michelakis, who will share her proud heritage and passion for Greek food.

In this cooking class you will explore the contemporary greek flavours with your friends and family as a private group, combining the finest seasonal ingredients with traditional techniques taught by Kelly.  You will learn about the ingredients, cooking techniques and of course, the wonderful health benefits the Mediterranean diet is so famous for!

The menu that you will cook and eat varies, depending on the season but can include

A dip such as Fava (yellow spilt pea), Patzarosalata (beetroot and walnut dip), Melitzanosalata (eggplant dip), feta psiti (baked feta dip)

An entree/veg side such as Dakos (barley rusk with tomato and cheese), Maroulosalata (lettuce & dill salad), Fasolakia (green beans), Kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters)

Main such as Keftedes(beef mince patties) or chicken & capsicum skewers

Dessert amygdalota (almond macarons), melomakarona (honey biscuits), moustokouloura (grape molasses biscuits)

You will cook an entree, main and a dessert alongside Kelly, mastering classic dishes that delight Greek food enthusiasts the world over. After the fun and interactive cooking class you can sit down together and enjoy each others company and the delicious greek feast you have created.

We are delighted to include Family Greek Cooking Class as a Private offering for a unique and memorable food experience that can be shared with family and friends.


  • Interactive Cooking Class with Greek Home Cook
  • Comfortable and welcoming home based cooking in Moorabbin 
  • Option to cook in your home for groups 4 plus
  • Flexible Dates and Times 3 hours includes class and dining
  • Use of In House Apron
  • Participation gift – home baked goodie/sweet

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