Corporate Yarra Valley Wine Tour

5starstarstarstarstar In banking the end of the financial year is almost as exciting as the lead up to Christmas in retail. Anyway any excuse to leave the office and put a drink in your hand, right? In the past we have gone go cart racing (dangerous) gone to a local restaurant (hit and miss) and even to the horse races (the kind of dangerous you can't put on your expense form) This year we ventured out to the Yarra Valley with a group of 10 of the office favourites otherwise known as suck ups and it was fabulous. Everything was organised for us which was awesome as it saved a lot of arguments on where to visit that would have taken us into the new financial year and beyond. The journey out was a mix of good story telling by the guide Bill and some useful information on wine that added to my extensive knowledge of some wine is white and if its not it's red. And we were away, stopped to see some Kangaroos and enjoyed a day of food and wine pairing with a wonderful lunch at Domaine Chandon, which can be white, red AND sparkling, who knew :) ?
Not strictly food and wine as we enjoyed a tasting paddle of ale and cider at Napoleon. Another great stop was Dominique Portet where, Valentine showed us around the winery and we also paired (that's a new word for me) chocolate with red wine in the barrel room. Made it back to the office with a box or 2 of wine, you guessed it, red, white and sparkling. This is a day we will recommend to all as it takes all the hard slog out of making decisions which can be really complicated when it comes to food and wine. Epicurean are really well known and respected in the Yarra Valley so there is no waiting and you feel like a special guest at all wineries. Now it's back to spreadsheets for me and we look forward to joining Epicurean to celebrate in the Mornington Peninsula next year,

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