Mornington Peninsula Wine Tour

5starstarstarstarstar As a group of 5 we had a glorious day on a wine tour in the Mornington Peninsula. This is a fairly quick journey from Melbourne along a freeway. If you want a more scenic route you can go along the beach road. We started at Yabby Lake who produce a nice Rose that we bought a couple of bottles of. Queley Wines with Tom was a nice stop where we also saw a koala in the gumtree. We had an amazing lunch at the new kid on the block, Jackalope Hotel restaurant, Rare Hare. We would dearly love to come back and stay at this hotel as it looks very glamorous. Gallant was a nice stop and we finished at Red Hill Estate where the girl serving the wine here was a little tired, but I guess we were too. There are 5 wineries in total and which is probably one too many. Allthough the guide, Nicky did give us the option of sightseeing to finish instead but my brother decided on more wine!
The drive home was a little more scenic as we were driving along the bay. The Mornington Peninsula is such a beautiful area to visit and there are some lovely wineries and places to eat. We were lucky to be with a tour guide who lives in the local area so we felt like we were insiders in the region. Epicurean also visit the Yarra Valley so we will go here on our next family birthday for another day of wine tasting!

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