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Living in Victoria during Covid restrictions, our kitchen has become a creative space as well as the room at home where we meet as a family after hours apart with online schooling, walking the dog and zoom meetings. I start cooking just after lunch and then I am in and out of the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon, flicking through cook books and preparing some elements of dinner before we meet at the table at 6pm.

Each day I am reminded of how food brings people together and grateful that I live in the great city of Melbourne that rivals any city with its vibrant and diverse food scene with so many culinary experiences to connect with the many different cultures

I’d love to take a sneak peek into a Greek family’s pantry in Oakleigh to be delighted at the incredible flavours that can derived with slow cooking from a few key, simple and seasonal fresh food ingredients  

I dream about tasting the many herbs and spices in different forms, blended together, used whole, chopped, grounded, roasted, sautéed and fried with an Indian family in Dandenong.

Or beam me into a bustling Vietnamese restaurant in Victoria Street (where my love for cooking began) with a Vietnamese Thick Noodle Soup called Banh Canh, A simple Vietnamese soup with thick noodles in a rich pork broth that can be made in large batches, not as popular as the Vietnamese soup Pho but its hearty flavour has become a winter favourite in our house for years.  

How lucky we are to be living in Melbourne, well known for its cultural diversity that brings people together in harmony with a thriving food scene that rivals any great city in the world. The broad ethnic mix has bought many benefits to this great city including a wide range of cuisines.

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Foodie Trails opens the doors to learn the basics and share experiences from different cultures with home style cooking afternoons. you also learn about the country and the region through their food, recipes and traditions with cooking classes and walking tours. There is such a range and depth that represents the cultural diversity of Melbourne

Dive into the rich melting pot of Melbourne’s food culture with Melbourne Foodie Trails – a choice of leisurely gourmet walking trails which take you to the tastiest parts of the city. As well-informed guides lead the way, hear the hidden culinary secrets behind new restaurants and stroll down the roads less travelled, discovering the laneway joys of ethnic food stores and colourful spice markets. As well as offering you the chance to enjoy the city’s flavoursome Indian, Turkish and African cuisine by way of foot, Melbourne Foodie Trails also hosts Italian, Thai, Japanese, Sri Lankan and Indian cooking classes

The class is not a cooking course, it is a fun filled informal session where we learn the basics and share our experiences. We are not professional chefs just home taught by our families and enjoy cooking and celebrating with food. Come for an afternoon of fun, and celebration with food.


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