Group Cooking Class Dumplings

Group Cooking Class

Group Cooking Class

For Melbourne Food and Wine experiences, we recommend getting immersed in the latest culinary fad with a Group Cooking Class -Dumpling Party paired with Helen and Joeys Estate wine. The intimate setting is centrally located in Richmond with an indoor and outdoor cooking and dining option. The professionally equipped kitchen includes an intimate space with a large dining table where you can sit together and enjoy a fun and interactive 3 hours with family, friends or workmates.

Learning to make dumplings is a true culinary escapade beginning with making the perfect dough then learning how to best shape dumplings and create fillings of pork, chicken, beef or vegetarian dumplings.

Your host and instructor on the day is an expert chef who loves presenting cooking classes and sharing his love for this popular dish.

After the fun preparation you can sit down and enjoy your creations with a glass of Helen and Joey Estate wine.

Group Cooking Class

  • You’ll leave with full knowledge on how to make dumplings
  • Enjoy the experience in a small and intimate group setting
  • Learn tips and tricks for making dumplings and mixing ingredients

Enjoy a fun cooking, eating and social experience
This hands-on dumpling making experience lasts for 3 hours

  • Enjoy a Sparkling wine or glass of Helen and Joey Estate Wine or arrival
  • Demonstration and dumpling-making and learn how to fold your favourite dumplings
  • Steam your dumplings and then Sit and eat together
  • Chicken dumpling, Pork dumpling, Vegetarian dumpling, Prawn dumpling on request

Dumpling Class Menu and Ingredients

Dumplings are really easy and fun to make with special instruction given to the trickiest part of folsing them to make them look professional. Here are some of the ingredients you will be using on the day.

  • Spices – Chilli, Spring onion, Shallots, Ginger, Chinese Chives
  • Seasoning and Sauce – Soy Sauce, Red Vinegar, Hoisin, Fish Sauce, Chilli Oil, Rice Wine
  • Vegetables – Wongbok, Mushroom, Water Chestnuts
  • Vegetarian – Carrot, Peas, Carrot, Sweet Corn, Taro or Potato, Water Chestnuts
  • Meats – Pork, Chicken, Beef
  • Seafood – Fish and/or Prawn for non-meat eater *
  • Dumpling Skins – made from flour

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Private Cooking Asian

Private Cooking Asian
Private Asian Cooking Class

Asian Street Food Private Cook and Dine Experience

Private Cooking Asian

We are delighted to introduce a wonderful and authentic Asian Street Food cooking class. Conveniently located in Richmond in a welcoming customised space that can be set up for outdoor dining and cooking. The Private “Asian Street Food” Cooking Class explores one of the world’s richest and most fascinating food traditions.

This is a perfect cooking and eating experience for family and friends, birthday celebrations, hens, baby shower, or workmates looking for a unique get together that will provide lots of laughs.

Take your taste buds to the next level when you are transported to the streets of Asia and reminded of roaming food carts, food carts and street vendors.

Asian Street Food is a hands-on cooking class, where you’ll be navigated through preparing numerous beautiful and tasty morsels of Asian street food.

This class has been crafted to teach you all the skills necessary for you to be able to prepare your own Asian finger foods at home, perhaps for a dinner party or a cocktail party event. Also a relaxed food experience for group get togethers where everyone cooks around a long, hand-made spotted gum kitchen bench perfect for  interactive and sociable experiences.

Private Cooking Class

Because we believe that beer and wine are perfect matches for Asian Street Food we have joined up with Stomping Ground, a neighbourhood brewery who like us know how to bring people together. They are helping us out with great beer. Stomping Ground believe beer should be for everyone and they brew great beers to suit all tastes, from laid-back easy drinkers to adventurous spirits. Also our partner in wine Quealy Winemakers on the Mornington Peninsula.

Private Cooking Class

  • Interactive Cooking Class with Well travelled Chef Instructor
  • Flexible Dates and Times. 3.5 hours includes class and dining
  • Use of In House Apron
  • A glass of bubbles or beer on arrival
  • Interactive Cooking Class with Qualified Chef
  • Dining with a glass of wine/beer/soft drink of all food prepared
  • Access to all recipes from cooking class with an online link

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Italian Cook and Dine Mornington Peninsula

Food and Wine Classes Mornington Peninsula

Cook and Dine with a sea view Mt Martha Mornington Peninsula

a repertoire of delicious & regional recipes from all over Italy using the freshest of our local and seasonal produce.


Food and Wine Classes Melbourne
Cook and Dine with a View

Mornington Peninsula ticks all the boxes when it comes to exploring high quality food producers and culinary experiences. A beautiful natural environment with pristine beaches and spectacular cliff tops just an hour from Melbourne. Here, you will be amongst world class wineries, artisan food producers, farm gates, market gardens, eclectic cafes, food and wine classes and winery restaurants all with their own creative flair.

Fare Italian Cookery School, based in Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula stands out as one of these unique food experiences. A spectacular setting, warm and friendly where you can combine an interactive cooking class with an authentic Italian dining experience with friends and family. Fare Italian boasts the most enviable waterfront location and panoramic sea views over the from the kitchen and dining room and terrace.

When Cooking and Dining at Fare Italian you embrace the Italian way of celebrating life, with cooking, relaxing, lots of laughs and of course enjoying food and wine with your very own culinary creation of a 3 or 4 course meal with Italian wine perfectly matched .

Deborah is the founder of Fare Italian. She loves to share her passion for Italian culture and cuisine, and the joy of hosting a hands on interactive cooking class of authentic Italian food. Classes can be tailored to suit your group and include, Pasta Making Masterclasses , Long Lunch by the Sea and “Big Fat Italian Dinner Parties”

Deborah manages the shop for fresh, seasonal local produce that makes up your chosen morning or afternoon class.

Designed for any skill level, Fare Italian Lunch and Dinner Cooking classes are fun and interactive, popular with couples looking for a unique local experience, a romantic lunch/dinner cooking and dining, girls getaways, corporate groups, hens, baby showers and food lovers wanting to learn new skills with a hands on interactive cooking experience.

Food and Wine Classes Melbourne



Food and Wine Classes Melbourne


Food and Wine Classes Melbourne



Food and Wine Classes Melbourne



Food and Wine Classes Melbourne



Food and Wine Classes Melbourne



Herbs and Spices, Walk Talk and Cook

Melbourne Cooking Classes Private Group



Immerse yourself in your favourite cuisine

Dive into the rich melting pot of Melbourne’s food culture with Melbourne Foodie Trails










Living in Victoria during Covid restrictions, our kitchen has become a creative space as well as the room at home where we meet as a family after hours apart with online schooling, walking the dog and zoom meetings. I start cooking just after lunch and then I am in and out of the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon, flicking through cook books and preparing some elements of dinner before we meet at the table at 6pm.

Each day I am reminded of how food brings people together and grateful that I live in the great city of Melbourne that rivals any city with its vibrant and diverse food scene with so many culinary experiences to connect with the many different cultures

I’d love to take a sneak peek into a Greek family’s pantry in Oakleigh to be delighted at the incredible flavours that can derived with slow cooking from a few key, simple and seasonal fresh food ingredients  

I dream about tasting the many herbs and spices in different forms, blended together, used whole, chopped, grounded, roasted, sautéed and fried with an Indian family in Dandenong.

Or beam me into a bustling Vietnamese restaurant in Victoria Street (where my love for cooking began) with a Vietnamese Thick Noodle Soup called Banh Canh, A simple Vietnamese soup with thick noodles in a rich pork broth that can be made in large batches, not as popular as the Vietnamese soup Pho but its hearty flavour has become a winter favourite in our house for years.  

How lucky we are to be living in Melbourne, well known for its cultural diversity that brings people together in harmony with a thriving food scene that rivals any great city in the world. The broad ethnic mix has bought many benefits to this great city including a wide range of cuisines.

Foodie Trails (Melbourne): UPDATED 2020 All You Need to Know ...



Foodie Trails opens the doors to learn the basics and share experiences from different cultures with home style cooking afternoons. you also learn about the country and the region through their food, recipes and traditions with cooking classes and walking tours. There is such a range and depth that represents the cultural diversity of Melbourne

Dive into the rich melting pot of Melbourne’s food culture with Melbourne Foodie Trails – a choice of leisurely gourmet walking trails which take you to the tastiest parts of the city. As well-informed guides lead the way, hear the hidden culinary secrets behind new restaurants and stroll down the roads less travelled, discovering the laneway joys of ethnic food stores and colourful spice markets. As well as offering you the chance to enjoy the city’s flavoursome Indian, Turkish and African cuisine by way of foot, Melbourne Foodie Trails also hosts Italian, Thai, Japanese, Sri Lankan and Indian cooking classes

The class is not a cooking course, it is a fun filled informal session where we learn the basics and share our experiences. We are not professional chefs just home taught by our families and enjoy cooking and celebrating with food. Come for an afternoon of fun, and celebration with food.


Foodie Trails




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